# Artista: Demented Are Go
# Album: Hellbilly Storm
# Año: 2005
# Genero: Psychobilly
# Origen: Cardiff, Wales/UK
Password: radiosatan.blogspot.com
fuente: http://radiosatan.blogspot.com/

2 comentarios:

nekrodad dijo...
14 de julio de 2009, 18:14

why are you always putting are post up on your blog? it is starting to bug me. cant you upload anything yourself? you take an awful lot from our page "Radio Satan". We spend alot of money buying the music we share and it would be very kind if you would share with us.

"NekroDad-RDS, TEAM USA"

misery 123123 dijo...
27 de febrero de 2018, 17:04

Ayo kunjungi Cerita-cerita menarik dan TERBARU dari kami

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